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Terrace Foundation Grows for its Community

The Terrace Foundation is a local non-profit organization that incorporates urban farming into low income senior housing. Their program improves the health of senior citizens living at Pilgrim Terrace Cooperative Homes, an affordable senior community, by providing healthy meals daily for residents. Their unique farm-to-table experience serves fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown on site at community meals.

Utilizing hydroponic tower gardens, or as they call it, the “salad bar garden,” they are able to grow nutritious herbs and leafy greens efficiently with minimal inputs. The hydroponic tower growing method is a space-efficient way for people in urban areas to grow their own food, and take control of their local food system. Terrace Foundation offers training and education programs so that others can recreate similar urban gardens, with their help.

Along with the hydroponic tower gardens, they have also converted much of their empty lawn into an organic urban farm. In this space, they are growing an array of vegetable crops, fruit trees, native herbs, and flowers. They even have their own bee hive! In this way, they are bringing new life to the surrounding ecosystem, not to mention beautifying their space.

Not only does this program support the health of the seniors and the natural environment, but they also are dedicated to supporting our community. Providing education programs and job opportunities empowers local youth and community members. They also allow anyone from the surrounding area to come and eat a nutritious meal at a low price. Go to their website to learn about ways to get involved!

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